In Step with Him

If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.
Galatians 5: ‬25‭-‬26 ESV

Throughout high school and part of college, I was in the marching band. As a band, we were supposed to march in step together. We did not always go the same direction, but our steps–their length and their timing–were always the same, for our steps were based on the beat of the music and the direction of the drum major. Keeping in step with the drum major and the beat enabled us to remain in the correct form and ultimately perform our best. If we had based our steps on those around us, then our steps could have gotten off. And if everyone was in step except for a couple of people, the audience would notice, and the performance would suffer.

Similarly, in step with the Spirit does not mean we will be going in the same direction with the ones next to us. It doesn’t even mean we’ll be playing the same instrument as our neighbor. Being in step with Spirit means we follow the beat of the Spirit. And as long as each of us remains in step with the Spirit, our unique qualities will work together for God’s ultimate glory.

I’m not sure what God is calling you to do or to say today (or to not do or say), but I encourage you to follow His lead. Do not worry about what others may think or what others are doing. You stay in step with the Spirit. For if you stay in step with the Spirit, and every follower of Christ chooses to stay in step, we will not all go the same way or or make the same sound, but we will together produce a glorious display–a display that not only gives God the glory He deserves but draws the world to Jesus as well. And that, my friend, would be awesome.



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