Praise ‘Cause I Want To

It’s my birthday and I’ll praise ’cause I want to,
Praise ’cause I want to, praise ’cause I want to!
You should praise, too
Because God created you you!

Have you ever heard the song “It’s My Party” by Lesley Gore? The above is a twist on the chorus of the song. I made up and started singing this altered chorus to myself this morning, and it made me smile. Which is perfect, because today is indeed my birthday. And I want to praise today. I want to take this day to thank God for me. No, I’m not being prideful; I’m being grateful. God created me in an amazingly unique way. As Tigger would always proclaim about himself, I too can say , “The wonderful thing about Katie, is I’m the only one!” (ooh-ooh-ooh!)

I’m the only me in this world. And God loves me. He loves everything about me. For He created me! He formed me while I was in my mother’s womb, and He knew me completely before the foundation of the world. Yes, before God ever said, “Let there be light,” He had already secured my spot in this world.

That. Is. Awesome.

God doesn’t make mistakes. I’m here for a purpose; His purpose. I’m here to glorify Him in every way every day. Do I always do so? No, but He’s created me to do so. He’s placed me where I am at this moment for such a time as this. Everything about me has purpose. Yes, every character trait He has given me, even those quirky ones, He has a use for in this world. He uses all of it.  Yes, all. of. it.

So what is my job as His one of a kind creation? To seek Him. To serve Him. To allow Him to lead me through every moment of every day. And when I fall? (For we all stumble in many ways.) When I fall, I must not stay there. I must ask His forgiveness for falling short of His will, thank Him for sending Jesus to cover my sins, get back up, and keep moving forward.

So it’s my birthday today. And I choose praise. I choose life. I choose love. I choose to live this life, not as one who seeks the approval of man, but rather one who kneels before her Maker, the Lord of all, and humbly cries out, “Here I am, send me.” I choose to present my body a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, as worship. I choose Him knowing He chose me.

He chose you, too, you know. He chose you before the foundation of the world just like He chose me.  He created you uniquely beautiful.  He formed you and fashioned you with a plan to use you for His good pleasure. He loves you.  So join me in praising God today.  Join me in thanking Him for giving each of us life–life on this earth and eternal life in heaven.  No, life on this earth will never be a piece of cake (birthday pun fully intentional), but our hearts can be at peace when we walk this life knowing He who created us has plans for us far greater and far more impactful than we could every hope or imagine.

God loves you, my friend. Just like He loves me.  And you are not a mistake.  You are a treasure.  You are a gift.  You are needed in this world.  And God loves you so very much.  So even if it isn’t your birthday, and no matter the circumstances surrounding you right now, take a moment and praise.  Praise God for creating you you.  Praise God for giving you life.  Praise God.  And smile.  Because the wondeful thing about you, is you’re the only one!


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