Who am I?   Honestly, I would much rather write about any other topic.  But alas, I should probably give you a little insight.

First of all, I am  a Christ follower.   This means I have believed with all my heart in the saving grace of my Savior Jesus.  I believe He died for my sins, was buried, and then rose again.  He is now in heaven preparing a place for me.  And now as His follower, I aim to live my life on this earth in a way that is most pleasing to Him.

Second, I am a happily married woman to an amazing man.  We were a blind date that actually worked, and he is my perfect match.   Neither of us is perfect, but we both love God and love each other and know marriage is a life-long commitment.

Third, I am a mom.   This has always been my dream.   I have a beautiful little girl and a handsome little man.   And as  I remind them every day, there is nothing they could ever do or say that could ever make me stop loving them.   My heart is that they will always be secure in my love for them and follow in my steps as I follow in Christ’s.

As for other things about me…I love to write (duh!).  I married a farmer and have thus become a farmers wife, which means I now make comments like, “That sure is a good-looking cow” and mean it.  I play the flute and piccolo as well as a little piano.   I can read music as well as play by ear.  The play by ear ability came from God after I asked Him for it.  I also love to bake.  Not cook.  My baking motto?  Chocolate chips make everything taste better.

And finally, if you ever happen to meet me in person and I don’t say much, it is because I am a writer, not a speaker.   I love to think things through prior to speaking them.  I am a processor.  So if you ask me a question and I don’t initially answer, have no fear, you’ll probably get an e-mail or letter from me later with all you asked for and more.

But enough about me.  This blog is not about me; it is about Him.  It is about how REAL and how FAITHFUL God is to me, to you, and to all those who trust in His UNFAILING LOVE.


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