God’s Masterpiece

I’m not an artist, but I serve the Greatest One.  As you read this poem and the rest of the post, remember God doesn’t make mistakes.  Everything He does is intentional and right, and this includes creating you.

God’s Masterpiece
by me

Before the world began,
God created you.
He formed the lines of your life
with accuracy and precision,
with love and tender care.

He created you with purpose.

When God drew the lines of your life,
He was intentional.
For God knows the plans for you:
plans for a future
and a hope.

The outline and the colors of your life
were fashioned before the world began.

God knows the masterpiece
He’s designed you to be.
He knows every hue–
the rainbow of experiences necessary
To make you

He knows the shades–
the lighter and darker colors
created by the pressures of life–
necessary to create depth and lasting beauty.
Each stroke of your life
is fashioned according to His plan.
For His glory.

Allow God to display you
for the world to see.
You’re His handiwork.
His creation,
etched on the palm of His Almighty hand.

He’s proud of you.
You are not a mistake.
The lines He drew,
the colors He chose,
are deliberately unique,
designed by a loving God
for His child
For you.


Today I encourage you to trust God’s care in His creation of you and in His sovereignty over every aspect of your life. Don’t try to draw a new picture; God already drew the perfect one for you before the world began.

Don’t fret if you color outside the lines sometimes. All children do. That’s why God sent Jesus, His one and only Son, into the world to die for our sins. As a strong eraser can wipe away the color outside the lines, so Jesus wipes away our sins to make us clean again.

God will make all things work as part of His plan. Blemishes won’t ruin the picture God intended. Misstrokes won’t alter God’s ultimate design. Nothing you could ever say or do could alter God’s ultimate plans for your life.

Trust both the heavy and the light strokes of your life, for neither is forever. And remember, the pressure of those dark times adds depth and enhances the contrast of the lighter moments of life.

Don’t worry about the color. God knew every hue before you were ever conceived; He fashioned every day of your life before you were ever born. Even the “ugly” colors of life God will use to enhance His masterpiece.

Be proud of who God made you to be today. Share it with the world. That’s what God longs for you to do. God doesn’t want you to hide. He wants you to be you. Because you being you enables all the world to see Him through you.

“To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.”
Philippians 4:20 ESV