Nothing Too Difficult

Behold, I am the Lord , the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?
Jeremiah 32:27 KJV

God does not get overwhelmed. This comforting truth calmed my soul as I prayed the other day. At the time, there were several people I knew who needed a special touch from God. Some needed healing, some grace, some strength, some wisdom. They all needed something I could not give but I knew God could.

We as humans can be bombarded to the point where we feel crushed, we feel weighted down, we feel pressed in on all sides. When everything in life seems to be out of our control, we tend to begin to feel out of control ourselves.

But not God. Nothing is too hard for God. He is always in control. He always knows what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. He knows. And He can handle it.

God does not get overwhelmed.

Furthermore, God does not get overwhelmed as we bombard him with our questions, our needs, our wants, and our cries. No matter what we bring to Him, and no matter how much we bring it, God does not get overwhelmed. He has the whole world on His shoulders and in His hands. He hears you, He hears me, He hears the baby, He hears the child, He hears the one at the beginning of the journey and the one at the end. God hears all, knows all, and sees all–yet God is never overwhelmed. It is never too much for God; it is never too hard for God

Why? Because God is God not man. This means we cannot and should not ascribe to Him the limitations of man. The gods of the heathens are ones they created. Those gods are limited; those gods are powerless. Those gods are not God. Yet our God is God. He is real. He is eternal. He is immortal. He is invincible. He is all and is in all. And most importantly: He created us, not we Him.

Therefore as a fellow child of God–a limited, human child of God–I encourage you in this truth: God does not get overwhelmed.

Whatever it is you are facing today–whatever mountain or mountain range looms before of you–remember God is more than able and more than enough. He can move that mountain. He can handle your pleas. He can handle it all.

Because He is God.

And God does not get overwhelmed.


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