Not Beyond Redemption

…and Jesse the father of David the king. And David was the father of Solomon by the wife of Uriah,
Matthew 1:6 ESV

David and Bathsheba. There is so much I could share about this story. The fact that David should have been at war like the rest of the kings. The fact that Beersheba had been minding her own business cleansing herself when she was seen. The fact that David didn’t look away at the sight of Beersheba but kept looking and then acted unrighteously. There is a long list of lessons we can take from this famous escapade.  But what I’d like to focus on today is an important lesson we learn about God through this: There is nothing you could do that is beyond God’s redemption.

David lusted after a married woman, took her and lay with her, then had her innocent husband killed to cover his tracks. That’s not some simple sin; that’s a complex, calculated, and willful transgression.

Yet God redeemed both David and Bathsheba. No, He did not just look the other way. There were consequences for those actions. But in spite of the consequences they suffered (the most difficult being losing the baby conceived through the fornication), God still used them in His redemption plan.

Look again at the verse above. In the bloodline record listed in Matthew we find David, Bathsheba, and their son Solomon. What began in sin ended in redemption.


Of course, we must remember two important​ things: redemption does not mean the end justifies the means, and before redemption comes repentance. David was still in the wrong for taking Bathsheba when she wasn’t his. David was still in the wrong for having Uriah killed. And it wasn’t until David confessed and repented and Bathsheba was rightfully David’s wife that she gave birth to Solomon–the wise one who penned Proverbs and rebuilt God’s temple–the one whose body continued the bloodline leading up to the birth of our Savior.

David sinned and Bathsheba was the innocent object of his sin. But God redeemed both.

And God can redeem you.

Today, whether you are the perpetrator, the victim, or a little of both–whether society views your transgression as small, large, simple, complex, light, or egregious–whatever you have done or whatever you have experienced does not leave you beyond redemption.

If you’ve messed up (we all have), confess, repent, pay the consequences, and then wait. Wait for the Lord. Rest in His goodness. Trust in His mercy. And watch Him move. God can and will redeem you. For you are never beyond His redemption.


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