To Have A Heart Like His

I love God.  I love His Word.  I am a writer and an encourager.   So it seems only fitting that I create a blog designated to writing about God’s Word in hopes of encouraging others to seek Him in all they do–to encourage others to have a heart like His.  My prayer is for those who read these postings to come away knowing God is near, God is real, and God is faithful.  He was present at the foundation of the world.  He is present now.  He will be present for eternity.  God is, was, and forever will be.  He is not some far off creator who designed us and left us to fend for ourselves.  He is our Father–our faithful Father.   He created us, loves us, and wants to have fellowship with us.

As I embark on this new journey–the journey of sharing with others what God has shared with me–I envision myself standing on the ledge overlooking deep waters.   The distance seems great and I’m not sure what awaits me once I jump in, but I do know in my heart that taking the leap and plunging into those waters is worth it.


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